ABB CONCISE Welcomes LENSCO Customers

After many years and many loyal customers, LENSCO has made the decision to transition its customers to ABB CONCISE.  LENSCO recognized ABB CONCISE because of their strong commitment to partnerships with Eye Care Professionals.  ABB CONCISE will continue to strengthen and project value to you your patients, while helping you to increase your efficiency, profitability and growth in today’s competitive environment.


Beginning today, is being re-directed to


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    3. ACCOUNT NUMBER  - If you are a current active user, your new ABB CONCISE account number has been pre-registered for your convenience. 

    5. Your new ABB CONCISE account number will have the letters “LN” in front of your Lensco account number.  If your Lensco account number is 0123, your new ABB CONCISE account number will be “LN0123.”

    7. PASSWORD - As a registered user you will enter your new ABB CONCISE account number followed by your password (this will be the same password you used to access


LOGIN is located in the upper left corner of this page or CLICK HERE TO LOGIN


Kevin Lippert says, “We are so grateful our customers have been incredibly loyal to us over the years. Although we’ve decided to move on from the optical distribution business, we wanted to be sure that we put our loyal customers in very capable hands. We’re certain that ABB CONCISE will provide the same level of service you’ve come to expect from LENSCO in the past.”


If you have any questions, please contact our E-Commerce team via e-mail at: