Lobob Contact Lens Solutions

Lobob Laboratories Products

Optimum by Lobob®, Sof/Pro®, and Lobob Hard Lens Solutions are the products that give the freedom of hassle-free contact lens care and wear!  Lobob supplies products that suit your particular eye-care needs, whether it's for (hard) PMMA Lenses, or RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) contact lenses.

ABB OPTICAL GROUP Carries the following products, call 800.852.8089 for more information:

Manufacturer Product Name Product Short Description Product Details
Lobob Laboratories OPTIMUM STARTER KIT *EACH* Optimum Care System Starter 1-1oz CDS 1-10mL WRW 1-10mL ESC
Lobob Laboratories OPTIMUM CARE KIT Optimum Care System 1-4oz CDS 1-1oz WRW 1-10mL ESC
Lobob Laboratories OPTIMUM EXTRA STRENGTH CLEANER Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner (ESC) 1-2oz/60mL ESC
Lobob Laboratories Optimum CDS 4oz 24/case Lobob Optimum Cleaning/Disinfecting/Storage Solution (CDS) 1-4oz/118mL CDS
Lobob Laboratories LOBOB CLEANER 60ML (2oz) Lobob Hard Lens Cleaning Solution 1-2oz/60mL Cleaner
Lobob Laboratories LOBOB OPTIM CLEANER SAMPLE 10MM Lobob Hard Lens Cleaning Solution 1-10mL sample Cleaner
Lobob Laboratories LOBOB OPTIMUM WET&REWET DRP 1OZ Lobob Optimum Wetting & Re-wetting Drops (WRW) 1-1oz/30mL WRW
Lobob Laboratories LOBOB SOAKING SOLUTION 4 OZ. Lobob Hard Lens Soaking Solution 1-4oz/118mL Soaking
Lobob Laboratories LOBOB WETTING SOLUTION 2OZ. Lobob Hard Lens Wetting Solution 1-2oz/60mL Wetting