Price Monitor

The ABB OPTICAL GROUP Retail Price Monitor provides eye care professionals with the retail pricing structure of brand name lenses charged by private practitioners and leading online retailers.

Why do patients want to buy contact lenses from you?

  2. VALUE
  3. TRUST
The Retail Price Monitor is a benefit to ECPs looking to consolidate purchasing and maximize margins. The Price Monitor is published quarterly and is FREE for ECPs doing business with us.

Benefits to the ABB OPTICAL GROUP Retail Price Monitor:

  • Make it easy to set contact lens prices
  • Maximize contact lens margins
  • Compete effectively

How prices are determined

The pricing of more than 450 practices is used to calculate price averages in the Monitor and brands audited account for approximately 76 percent of wholesale sales of frequent replacement contact lenses.

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Review Of Optometric Business

Now Is the Time to Review Your Retail Pricing

How do you price your contact lenses? Do you have a pricing strategy that encourages annual supply sales which leads to patient retention? How frequently do you review your pricing strategy?

If you are like many other eyecare professionals, the thought of coming up with a pricing strategy for your office that ensures profitability and competitiveness makes your head spin. You became an eyecare professional to help your patients see, and all the other parts of your business can sometimes be a daunting task.

With ABB OPTICAL GROUP’s Quarterly Retail Price Monitor and Annual Supply tools, that task becomes much easier to implement in your practice.

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