Business Review

Let’s face it. There’s only so much time in a day. And after seeing patients back to back, the last thing on your mind is sitting down with the books. That’s why ABB OPTICAL GROUP has introduced the Business Review. To make it easy to zero in on profits, establish benchmarks and enhance buying power.

There’s only one catch. You don’t do the work, we do.

1. We come to your practice quarterly
2. We enhance buying arrangements
3. We show you how to track trends
4. We make you money

Full color Quarterly Business Review business graphs and charts are yours to keep.

The ABB OPTICAL GROUP Business Review is ideal for practitioners with multiple locations!

If you’ve got more than one store, you’ll find the ABB OPTICAL GROUP Business Review invaluable in helping you manage inventories and cut costs wherever possible. By consolidating optical lens purchasing arrangements for multiple locations, ABB OPTICAL GROUP consultants will show you how to boost margins quickly.

The ABB OPTICAL GROUP Business Review shows you how to benchmark against ABB OPTICAL GROUP’s top 500 accounts. It alerts you to common practice red flags such as: low annual supply sales, low direct to patient shipments, low usage of webstore, low usage of online ordering, product mix inefficiencies, and not using a distributor for 100% of your purchases. Armed with this information, you can now make smart business decisions for your practice.

"With the ABB OPTICAL GROUP Business Review, I can show you how to earn thousands more a year.”
ABB OPTICAL GROUP Representative Mark Maxwell

Would your eye care practice benefit from a quarterly review of contact lens activity absolutely free just for doing business with ABB OPTICAL GROUP? Call 1-880-852-8089 to speak to an expert consultant.

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